Sister Time

We already know grief is a terrible journey – I pray none of us travel it alone.  Let some one in.  Let the right someone in.

Yesterday, I had Sister Time.  She is not my biological sister, she is my spirit sister.  It is a deep, powerful friendship – over 20 years strong.  She “SEEES” me.  She sees the real me, not the puppet show I put on for the world.  She sees my pain and she can reach into the darkness and drag me out.  She lets me rage, rant, cry – she makes it safe.

Then she always says the right thing.  She gives me a light line.  She never tosses the lame platitudes at me – you, know -you have probably heard them all.

“This too shall pass” or “You will get through this”

There is no “pass” or “through”.  There is just evolving, learning how to find light in the darkness.  It takes effort, but please know, if you are grieving and in pain – there is still LIGHT.  Our GOD still loves us and HIS light is still shining.  Sometimes we need someone to help us find it.  Sometimes we need Sister Time.



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