Spirit Beings trapped in a flesh sack

Ok, this is just a random pondering – maybe even a lamentation.  Grief is a lonely, lonely journey.  Sometimes I feel so isolated.  I am with people, but isolated inside my own thoughts. Sometimes, I live a completely different life inside my own mind.

Even though we interact with one another, and we try to connect on some level – we are each alone in our thoughts.

It is as if we are spirit beings that somehow got trapped in these flesh sacks, bodies that separate us from each other – from God.  These flesh sacks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors – and can separate us spiritually – if we fail to see the beauty and the being beyond the sack.

The sacks have urges and desires all their own – that have nothing to do with elevating the spirit or spiritual enlightenment.  They want candy they don’t need, and they want cookies and bread.  This makes the sacks a little saggy and flabby in some places.  I think I need to send my sack out to a tailor for some serous nips and tucks – and ironing, definitely ironing.

What happens when we leave these sacks behind?  I know my Son’s spirit is not gone – HE IS NOT JUST GONE.  I know there is more.  I feel him, I see the signs.  I trust my GOD.

Maybe, death is not really DEATH, but an evolutionary process that promotes our spirit being from the flesh sack – to a next level.  We have to travel this journey, live out our flesh sack existence with all the gusto we can muster – embrace the joy and love we find. There are things we must experience and learn.  Maybe that is how we help others – when we find our way??

Then, we evolve.  Pure energy?


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