An Act of Silence

I remember my first few weeks back at work, after my son died.  I was little less than a walking zombie – crushed and raw.  Some well meaning people shoved inane platitudes in my ear hole.  They would smile sympathetically and say all the standard crap:  “He is in a better place.”  “God needed him more than you.”  Oh, the biggest lie of all, “Time heals all wounds.”    Time heals NOTHING!!!  Every one of these trite phrases cut me – wounded me – grieved me more deeply.

Most of the time, I just weakly smiled and walked away.  Mostly because it is illegal to slap the stupid out of some people and I lack the magical powers to explode their heads.  (Don’t think I didn’t try.)

One person, one truly kind person performed an act of silence.  He came into my office and gave me a genuine, sincere look.  He stood silently for a moment, then left my office.  He paused outside my door, then turned around and came back.  He shifted from one foot to the other.  As we made eye contact, I could see tears in his eyes.  Then, quietly, and ever so gently, he reached over and patted my head.  He turned quickly and left.

In that simple pat, I felt more compassion and understanding and genuine empathy from one kind gentleman – than from all the yap flapping well-meaning noise makers.  His silence was genuine and deep.   His small act, comfort from GOD.   I am truly grateful.


2 thoughts on “An Act of Silence

  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. The pain must be unbearable. People can be so inept at expressing their sorrow and compassion for what you are going through and it makes them say stupid things that hurt even though they don’t mean to hurt you. Thank you for reading my blog; I hope it brings you some joy. Christine

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