Thin Veil

I feel like I live my life behind a thin veil.  I hide all my pain, grief, and dark thoughts behind a thin veil of the proper smile and the proper composure – just a veil.

Sorry, this is one of those nights of random thoughts.

I know GOD is with me – HE said so.  But there is so much I just don’t understand.  I know, just trust HIM.  I do – but it still hurts.  The loss is so great is sucks the light out of me, thus the need for the veil.

Time for gathered stones.  I gathered up a wonderful “potato” rock on my recent trail ride.  I think this rock wants to be a bear paw.  Time to paint.  Time to craft and let the tears fall – time to throw off the veil and work on some healing.

I will try to sleep tomorrow.


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