WildFlower Farewell

I am afraid I do not know the name of this purple flower, but I love the colorful blooms.  It is a hardy, tall fellow – standing up to Virginia drout and sun.  My husband and I sat on our “memory”  bench and enjoyed the last of them

Now there is a huge dragon fly in our living room.  I believe this is a powerful, positive blessing and we will help guide our little visitor safely outdoors.


I am a Horse-a-chondriac 

The upcoming solar eclipse is an exciting event – but I cannot help but worry about my horses and outdoor pets.  Is that silly?  Should I be concerned?

I can keep my house dogs in the house, I will just shut the dog door.

I think Gertie Goose is nearly blind already, so no worries for her.  I think Flip Flop Kitty will be OK.

But what about my red mares?  I know they are little stinkers, but they are my little stinkers and I love them.

This time, Charlie WAS a working dog

We desperately needed the rain here in Virginia, and I was glad to see it.  But, after every storm there are fences to be checked, branches and debris to cleanup.  This is when Charlie dons his working harness and pulls a small wagon.  He sits anxiously awaiting my call:  “Let’s go to work”!!  We walk the fence line together.  I gather up the fallen limbs while he hauls the little wagon.  He is a huge help.IMG_4035

Of course, after a  hard day at work, there is nothing like an afternoon nap.  Notice the “Farm Dog” collar?  Well earned, fine Charlie, well earned – a label of love and honor!!  I couldn’t make it without you!!  God Bless Farm Dogs!!!




Wildflowers versus Weeds

Wildflowers and weeds seem to go together.  I cannot pull out the weeds without damaging the wildflowers.  To be honest, when they are little – I can’t tell the difference.  My life feels like that – weeds of pain, grief, sorrow, self condemnation mixed with wildflowers of loving family, friends, spirit helper animals.  Some days, all I see are the weeds.  All I see is what I lost, what I miss.

Today, I am trying to see ONLY the wildflowers – I see the butterfly and I choose to believe my son sent it to me – a sign of love.  I choose to let the beauty and the gentle scent of the wildflowers convey GOD’s love to me and my love to HIM.

I pray you all will see many wildflowers.


Lizard CPR??

The Virginia heat is taking a toll on critters.  I was about to dump the horse trough for a good scrubbing, when I noticed this little fellow struggling to stay afloat.  I scooped him out and laid him in a shady patch of grass.  At first, I thought he was not breathing.  Just when I was about to google Lizard CPR. his little sides started heaving, but he was not moving.   I continued my barn chores, keeping an eye on my little friend.  It took nearly 20 minutes for him to regain his strength, but he eventually scurried off under the barn.  Whew!!  I really was sure how the mouth to mouth would work!!IMG_4277

Gertie Goose says Happy 4th

She is happily enjoying an ear of sweet corn she stole from the garden cart.  She is a rascal, but we love her.  Gertie Goose was here when we bought our little farm nearly 17 years ago.  She is quite a large goose, so we are guessing she is a Toulouse Goose – the large meat variety.  But no worries here, Gertie is a fine, feathered friend – not dinner.IMG_4290