Lizard CPR??

The Virginia heat is taking a toll on critters.  I was about to dump the horse trough for a good scrubbing, when I noticed this little fellow struggling to stay afloat.  I scooped him out and laid him in a shady patch of grass.  At first, I thought he was not breathing.  Just when I was about to google Lizard CPR. his little sides started heaving, but he was not moving.   I continued my barn chores, keeping an eye on my little friend.  It took nearly 20 minutes for him to regain his strength, but he eventually scurried off under the barn.  Whew!!  I really was sure how the mouth to mouth would work!!IMG_4277


Flip Flop Kitty

Another member of our little farm, Mr. Flip Flop.  He is a sweet, loving, hard working barn kitty.  There are zero mice in my feed room and lots of kitty loving.  Flip Flop is also a great listener, ready to give some purrrrrrs when I need a hug.  I include all my four legged spirit helpers in my prayers.IMG_4303

Gertie Goose says Happy 4th

She is happily enjoying an ear of sweet corn she stole from the garden cart.  She is a rascal, but we love her.  Gertie Goose was here when we bought our little farm nearly 17 years ago.  She is quite a large goose, so we are guessing she is a Toulouse Goose – the large meat variety.  But no worries here, Gertie is a fine, feathered friend – not dinner.IMG_4290