Hector was a very, very good boy today

Look at that sweet face!!! Today, the farrier was here to trim horse and mule hooves. Hector was such a very good boy today. He was sweet and friendly and stood so quietly for the farrier. He was even happy to enjoy a few scratches and hugs – but don’t ever touch those ears!!


Cold temperatures cannot stop pony love

Despite the six degree temperatures, the horses and Hector the Mule had to get some family love. There is nothing like a good pony smooch to warm you up on a cold day. And pony smooches are easy to come by if you have apples in your hands and granola bars in your pocket.

Bratty Boss Mare

WildFire is NOT happy with Hector the Mule.  So I created a small paddock for Hecter.  He can see the mares and they can “chat” across the fence.  But he is safely out of range of teeth and hooves.  He also has his very own run in shed and hay bale!  Hopefully, after a couple of weeks, this Bratty Boss Mare will let Hector join her herd.wildfire.png