Gertie Goose going for a ride in the truck

When the weather is bitter, Gertie Goose “migrates” via truck to the neighbor’s comfy, warm barn. When the weather is better, she hops in the truck and migrates back. We love our Gertie Goose. Although she primarily lives at my little farmette, she is sort of a “neighborhood” pet. We all take care of her. She is quite content to ride in the truck.


Gertie Goose loves her morning bath

Despite the cold temperatures (dipping under 20 degrees), Gertie Goose still insists on her morning bath routine. I keep two kiddie pools for her, with several spares in the garage – so she will always have clean water. She followed up her bath with an ear of corn (not easy to find this time of year but she does so love it so well worth the expense).

Gertie must be over 20, as she has been here on our farm for 20 years. She and two others just showed up one day and decided they would like here. Gertie is the only one left and despite her bad temper and snippy disposition, we love her.

Gertie Goose says Happy 4th

She is happily enjoying an ear of sweet corn she stole from the garden cart.  She is a rascal, but we love her.  Gertie Goose was here when we bought our little farm nearly 17 years ago.  She is quite a large goose, so we are guessing she is a Toulouse Goose – the large meat variety.  But no worries here, Gertie is a fine, feathered friend – not dinner.IMG_4290