Bratty Boss Mare

WildFire is NOT happy with Hector the Mule.  So I created a small paddock for Hecter.  He can see the mares and they can “chat” across the fence.  But he is safely out of range of teeth and hooves.  He also has his very own run in shed and hay bale!  Hopefully, after a couple of weeks, this Bratty Boss Mare will let Hector join her herd.wildfire.png


Meet Hector!

We have a new family member, Hector the Mule! He is such a sweet boy who has been a hard working mule for many, many, many years. Now, it is his turn to relax and enjoy love and treats. My red mares are NOT thrilled with Hector, but hopefully, everyone will settle in soon. I have never had a mule before, so I welcome any helpful advice.