The Great Himself

This beautiful Bay is Skipper, but I called him, The Great Himself – TGH.  He crossed rainbow bridge several years ago.  I just know this great horse was waiting on my son and the two are causing mayhem together on the other side.  May I share a precious memory?

One day, my son took TGH on a short trail ride.  The two mischief makers were late returning and I was getting worried.  Then, in the distance, I saw them trotting up the trail together and all appeared well.  As I squinted against the sun, I noticed my son atop TGH with extended arm, carrying the biggest, angriest black snake I have ever seen!  It was wriggling and writhing and hissing, but my son had a tight grip and TGH didn’t seem to mind the snake’s tail rapping his side and legs.  This was a really, really long snake!!

My son exclaimed the snake was in a dangerous place in the road and he wanted to safely relocated his legless friend in woods.  I asked how he  managed to catch the snake and remount the horse and he just laughed and said “Oh Mom!! Ol’ Skip didn’t mind. We guys had this under control!”

I wish I could hear “Oh Mom” just once more.



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